Best World Cup Football Shirts

Best World Cup Football Shirts

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When we think of the World Cup, we think about the greatest players to ever play the game. Lionel Messi finally got over his last hurdle after lifting the trophy for Argentina in Qatar. The football shirt we wore during that tournament will go onto become an iconic shirt that many will be looking to add to their collection. it was a beautiful shirt but unfortunately there weren't a lot of great football shirts on display throughout the tournament. let's take a look back through some of our favourite World Cup shirts which have became legendary in their own right. 

Japan 2018 

Japan world cup football shirt

The Samurai Blue got a heroes welcome on their return from the World Cup in Qatar. They enjoyed group stage wins over Germany and Spain before eventually exiting in the round of 16 on penalties to Croatia. They fell short of reaching their first quarter-final but performed excellently in a tough group which showed how far they have came as footballing nation. 

They have had some amazing kits but we've picked out their 2018 football shirt. Inspired by traditional samurai armour, the dark blue with subtle stripes is a great design. 

Brazil 1982

Brazil football shirt

Brazil and the World cup just go together. The iconic yellow and green football shirt hasn't changed much throughout the campaigns. They are another nation blessed with too many good football shirts - if that was a thing. Brazil's '82 shirt is the definitive retro football shirt. They ultimately fell short with legends like Zico and Socrates but didn't they look good. 

England 1990

england world cup football shirt

England and losing penalties against Germany. A tale as old as time. They eventually got over this hump recently. Italia 90 is an iconic tournament with some football shirts and great teams. Englands away jersey for that tournament has become a legendary shirt that represents the 90s perfectly. For a lot of England fans, Italia 90 is the greatest World cup that they have lived through. 

Belgium 1982

belgium football shirt

In the first game of the 1982 FIFA World Cup, held at the Camp Nou, Belgium celebrated one of their most famous victories: a 1-0 win over defending champions Argentina. Their unique football shirt can be remembered from the famous image of the Red Devils trying to get the ball of Maradona. 

Denmark 1986

denmark football shirt

This is another cult classic football shirt. The rare collector's item is still selling for over £300. Denmark's kit designer Hummel thought outside of the box for this jersey. The shirt, split into two distinctive, striped panels; one half with thin red and white stripes, the other with stripes in darker shades of red. It defiantly split opinion back home in Denmark before the World Cup. However, the ground-breaking design had young people around the world loving it. It has now achieved legendary status alongside the team that wore it. 

Croatia 1998 

croatia football shirt

This football shirt represents one of the biggest results in the history of Croatian sport. The 1998 World Cup held in France was the first one for Croatia following the end of the Balkan war. Legendary striker Suker ended the tournament with five goals to his name as they came third in the tournament. The shirt football shirt itself was bold and proudly displayed the colours of the country in many shapes. 

Germany 1990 

germany football shirt

It regularly takes the number one spot on "football shirts of all time" and for good reason. A unique football shirt, instantly recognised thanks to its three stripes design in the colours of the German flag run diagonally. It was a fantastic way for Adidas to incorporate their world famous trademark into the football shirt while keeping the sense of national identity and German pride. 

USA 1994 

USA football shirt

The USA '94 World Cup was special for its football shirts, most of all for its hosts. A denim design featuring the stars from the countries flag? Iconic. The away jersey was fantastic as USA progressed to the round of 16 where they lost 1-0 to eventual champions Brazil. 

Mexico 1978 

mexico football shirt

This shirt is a really simple design but we absolutely love it. The dark green base colour with the mexico colour stripes down the side of the long sleeve shirt are great. Even though the shirts were made by Adidas, they were branded with Levi Strauss logos which just amplifies its coolness. 

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