Who has the best football shirt in non-league football?

Who has the best football shirt in non-league football?

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In today's post, we're shining a light on the non-league football scene, which often doesn't get the attention it deserves. From the National League all the way down to the local leagues in Wales and Scotland, teams are battling it out for the best football shirt.

We've gathered together some of our favourites, but we can't bring ourselves to rank them because they're all so unique and special. This is a celebration of the creativity and community spirit that exists in amateur football.

And let's be honest, some of these shirt designs could easily hold their own in the Premier League, even if the teams wearing them can only dream of making it to that level (Wrexham fans are dreaming).

It's worth noting that there are over 37,500 football teams in the UK, according to the FA website. So, while we've tried to be as comprehensive as possible, we may have missed a few gems. Please forgive us if that's the case!

Let's start with Steeton AFC's hummel home shirt. This patterned quadrant design is a stunning example of football shirt artistry, with a gradient-style mix of dark green and white that's easy on the eyes. Representing West Yorkshire, this gem is a perfect example of how even low-tier teams can have amazing kits.

Moving to the Lothian & Edinburgh Premier Division, we have Appin Sports' Pac-Man design. This football shirt is totally random, but we love it. And if you think that's wacky, wait until you see NLV's beer-based home and away shirts. For now, we'll stick to the arcade games.

Stonewall FC's adidas 'Unity' kit is more than just a shirt. It's a statement of solidarity and support for the LGBT+ community. The vibrant colours of the Trans Pride flag bring together a wider footballing community, and it's a powerful symbol of the progress we've made in breaking down barriers.

Now, let's head to Scotland and the banks of Loch Ness. ZN Sport has created a black and gold football shirt that combines two majorly fun themes: a myth and a map. Nessie pops up on the sleeve trims, but it's the nautical map and geometric base pattern that catches our eye.

Despite the fact that Wrexham will be reusing this Macron shirt from the 2021/22 season, we can't help but continue to adore it. The shirt's colors are quintessentially Welsh, and its retro patterning hits us right in the nostalgic feels.

Not to mention, having TikTok as a sponsor is pretty cool, and Rob and Ryan are probably going to have one of these shirts hanging in each of their mansions. There's no denying it, Wrexham AFC and this shirt are just trendy and fashionable (or "ffasiynol," as they say in Welsh) right now.

Oldham fans will be reeling that they won't see their team's lively shirt on the field anymore. The navy and teal design from fan favourites, hummel, is hypnotizing us with its thick collar and repeat geometric pattern.

And finally, we have Portobello FC's amazing mix of shirts. This new team represents Notting Hill with pride, and they've absolutely nailed the branding brief. We're not going to talk anymore, we'll just let you drink them in visually.

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