In the exciting realm of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), mastering effective strategies becomes the cornerstone of achieving unparalleled success. One approach that has been rapidly gaining traction among astute FPL managers is harnessing the might of FPL points as a potent metric. By utilising this powerful tool, managers can make well-informed decisions and effortlessly spot potential transfer targets. In this article, we will explore the valuable insights gained from analysing FPL points and and delve into tips and tricks for Gameweek 1.

  Gameweek 37 Review

Points: 130
Rank: 46k to 45k
Red/green arrow: Green


Strategizing goalkeeper choices is key in FPL, and analysis reveals Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Man United, Burnley, and Everton as prime sources of points for opposing goalkeepers. Conversely, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man United, Newcastle, and Palace excel in scoring FPL points in this position. Planning for the festive period emphasizes stability, ideally avoiding goalkeeper transfers. However, if a change is necessary, Neto (£4.5m) at Bournemouth presents a compelling option to exploit the weaknesses of vulnerable teams.


Strategic defender choices are pivotal in FPL, with Bournemouth, Sheffield United, Luton, Burnley, and Everton yielding the most points to opposing defenders. Liverpool, Arsenal, Newcastle, Manchester City, and Manchester United shine in accumulating defender-related FPL points. Despite disappointment with Marc Guehi (£4.7m), potential alternatives arise from Arsenal, Brentford, and Chelsea defenders, offering valuable options to bolster your FPL squad.


Mastering midfield selections is vital in FPL, with Luton, Crystal Palace, Burnley, Sheffield United, and Bournemouth being favorable matchups. Meanwhile, the midfield giants of Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Newcastle lead in accumulating FPL points. In the market for a new midfielder, Bryan Mbeumo (£7.0m) stands out with impressive form, while considerations for Liverpool players are tempered by an existing trio. Bukayo Saka (£8.6m) emerges as a promising option, offering depth and versatility to the midfield lineup.


In the realm of FPL forward selections, scrutiny reveals West Ham, Everton, Wolves, Brighton, and Fulham as the prime culprits conceding the most points to opposition forwards. Conversely, the forward positions of City, Brighton, Luton, Newcastle, and Aston Villa prove most prolific in accumulating FPL points. The unexpected blanking of Dominic Solanke, despite a three-goal effort from Bournemouth, stands out as a source of disappointment. Optimism lingers for a rebound in the upcoming fixtures. For those eyeing alternative strikers, teams with favorable upcoming fixtures include Burnley, Chelsea, Nottingham Forest, Liverpool, and Arsenal—providing a pool of options to consider for enhancing your FPL forward line.

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Captaincy in FPL lets you double the points of one chosen player in a Gameweek. Making informed decisions on your captain can boost your Fantasy Premier League team's score dramatically. Here is TheKitRoom's expert captain and vice-captain picks in order to level-up your FPL team this upcoming gameweek:

Captain: Haaland

Vice-Captain: Salah (if he comes in, Son if not)

  Points per Game Data

Harnessing points per game data is our key strategy for honing team selections. This data-driven approach delves into fixtures, scrutinizing teams' home and away strengths. This invaluable tool empowers us to pinpoint advantageous matchups, guiding our transfers with precision and elevating our overall FPL performance.

  2022/23 Season Review:

Heading into my third season, I'm thrilled with the success of my experimental team, which ranked at 42k with an impressive total of 2562 points. Two top 50k finishes in a row have solidified my belief in using FPL points as a metric. After meticulously collecting data for three years, I've noticed that, on average, players in the game score around 31,000 FPL points each season. Interestingly, the breakdown of these points in the 2022/23 season was as follows: Goalkeepers accounted for 8.77%, Defenders for 31.35%, Midfielders for 45.94%, and Forwards for 13.94%. Armed with this valuable information, I'm eagerly looking forward to another successful year ahead.