FC24 TOTW 30 Reveal and Leaks: Team of the Week Announced by EA Sports

EA Sports released the new Team Of The Week 30 of the FC24 Ultimate at 6.00 PM. The new TOTW will be available in packs starting today April 10th, 2024 from 6.00 PM until 6.00 PM on Wednesday, April 17th, 2024. The Team Of The Week TOTW is a team made up of players who excelled in performance.

Newspapers around the world vote for them, highlight them, and even FC24 Ultimate Team celebrates them. Introducing Featured Team Of The Week items, a brand new way to celebrate the performance of a select Team of the Week player each week. Instead of a standard TOTW boost, featured TOTW items will be given a larger boost, increasing their appeal in squad building.

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Exciting Updates: Prepare for More Moments of Spectacular Brilliance!

Get ready for a wave of greatness! Golazo Team 2 has just landed, bringing with it a fresh batch of Iconic and Heroic Ultimate Team Special Player Items. These items pay tribute to some of the most stunning goals and legendary strikers in football history.

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